What Do We Offer

The FAB Cattery can accommodate 20 cats at any one time. It is fully air conditioned, tiled from floor to ceiling and gives your cats both inside and outside bays for their holiday accommodation. The inside bays are for sleeping and feeding and of course for cuddles; they have interlocking doors in case you have more than one cat or even if they would just like a suite!

Access to the outside bay is through a small door, so your cat decides where they want to be. The outside is also fully tiled and here we have litter trays, toys, scratching posts and of course those beautiful views. The also have a run that they are let out into often, for a bit of exercise and some more fussing.

The area that they get to play out in is secure, and, if acceptable to the cats concerned, they will get to socialize with other cats too.

At the FAB Cattery we provide all the fundamentals, water, biscuits, cat litter, beds and bowls. When you bring your cat to the cattery you will need to bring any wet food that is required, vaccination certificates and something that they sleep on, no not your double bed, just anything that makes for a happy stay with us.

Janet brushes the cats every day, cleans their eyes and generally checks them over.

Although our veterinary practice is on call 24 hours of the day Janet can deal with 90% of everything herself thanks to her veterinary and medical background.

Whilst the FAB cattery is very conveniently located on route to both Alicante and Murcia airports, we do of course offer a pick up and drop off service for those unable to bring their cats here themselves.

Janet is all about colour and her wonderfully flamboyant personality shows when you meet her.

The love of colour is clearly apparent in the beautiful new garden facing litter trays where your much loved boys and girls can enjoy their privacy.

As mentioned above each of the living quarters has and indoor area for the sleeping and eating and the outdoor area for quiet reflection and of course to use the lav.

FAB Cattery is fully alarmed and we are open seven days a week from nine o'clock in the morning until one in the afternoon.

Many of our guests are here as a result of word of mouth recommendation, and we feel very fortunate that everyone who has ever used us has come back time and time again.

We love our job and the cats, we call them all by name and our frequent visitors get used to us as we do them.

When you bring your cats to stay with us at the FAB cattery in Dolores you know they will be treated like kings and queens because our business is our passion.